Casino Dene

It is not only going to be online and mobile casino sites that we have listed and fully reviewed to all of our Canada based casino game players throughout our website, for we have also reviewed several land based casinos too.

In fact, if you take a look at our guide of the Top 10 Canadian Land Based Casinos then you will find some of the best run and operated land based casinos in Canada each of which we have visited in person!

Below you will find out what we thought of Casino Dene, and being listed don out top 10 listing of land based casinos in Canada then you will have already guessed it is a great place to visit and a great place to gamble at which is certainly is!

Location, Address and Website

The Casino Dene is located at Route 28 and Highway 897, Cold Lake, Alberta T9M 1P4, Canada, if you would like any additional information on what is on offer at the Casino Dene then you can contact the venue on the following telephone number: (780) 594-7900.

However, if you would prefer you can and will find a wealth of additional and very helpful information can be found on the Casino Dene website so do pay it a visit as you will also find details of any current casino promotional offers which they do have available to new and existing players from time to time.

Casino Games Available at Casino Dene

The Casino Dene does have a lot of fixed payline slot games available to play and in total spread over the gaming floor you are going to find in total some 250 different gaming machines to play which offer players lots of different staking options and lots of different bonus games and playing structures too.

You will also have plenty of choice in regards to the casino table and casino card games that you will have access to at the Casino Dene as they have 11 different tables and card games available during opening hour’s checkout their website for more details.

Why Visit the Casino Dene?

Whilst you may prefer playing in huge casinos which have large and expansive gaming floors if you are the type of player who much prefer the personal touch afforded to you at a much smaller casino venue then e think you are going to love everything that Casino Dene has on offer.

Even though there are only 250 different gaming machines and 11 table games that should be more than enough to keep even the most hardened gambler happy and entertained!

Plus being a small land based casino in Canada you will often find there are special promotions up and running at those casinos and as such make sure if you are thinking of visiting it that you checkout their website to see if there are any special deals or promotions up and running on the day or days that you are thinking of visiting Casino Dene on as there may just be!