Canadian Land Based Casinos

Casino-Niagra.gifNot only are you going to be able to play online and mobile casino games if you live or reside or are even visiting Canada, but you will of course find lots of land based casinos too.

As part of our commitment to give you as much information as we can do in regards to where you can play casino games, we have put together the following guide which is dedicated to the world of land based gaming.

Below you are going to find a listing of what we feel are by far and away the top 10 land based casinos which you will find in different areas of Canada. To help you pre-plan a visit to any of those land based casinos in Canada we have also put together an informative review of each of them.

So as you are reading through this guide if you are interested in learning more about any of the casinos listed below then simply visit that section of the website that will present to you our review of that casino venue.

Just make sure that if you do intend to visit any of the following land based casinos in Canada then you checkout their respective websites for details of their opening times, what is on offer at each casinos and also look out for any special days of the week when those land based Canadian casinos may be offering some special offers and special promotional deals to their customers!

Apex Casino – The first casino that we can highly recommend to anyone who is visiting Canada is the Apex Casino, not expense has been spared to ensure every visitor to this casino is going to have a very enjoyable gambling experience, and you will find they offer every possible type of gambling game you could every wish to play and their range of slot machines really is second to none!

Boomtown Casino – Another casino that is at the top of a slot of land based casino visitors lists of casinos they enjoy playing at in Canada is the Boomtown Casino, if you are in the vicinity of this casino then you are going to be assured of a very enjoyable time if you make the effort to visit it. Take a look at our review of this casino for details of everything it has to offer you as a visitor.

Camrose Resort Casino – The Camrose Casino is a casino that has been open for quite a while now and it has been getting some rave reviews from visitors. If you enjoy playing casino games but you want to be able to play them for stake levels of your own choosing you are always going to be able to do so at those land based Canadian casino venue as they have casino games that will be suitable for both low stake players and high rollers too.

Casino Calgary – One of the largest and most impressive casinos you are going to have access to when you are visiting Calgary s the aptly named Casino Calgary, this is one of the busiest and most popular casinos in the area and whenever you pay it a visit you really are going to be very impressed by the range and type of different casino game you are going to have access too. Take a look at our review for more information on what is on offer here.

Casino Dene – The Casino Dene is a casino that has always had a very loyal customer base, for whilst there are other casinos nearby it is this one that many players and gamblers tend to frequent the most. It is the attention to detail that makes this casino such a popular one and as such if you are ever nearby and you fancy playing any type of casino game and for stake levels of your own choosing this venue does come highly recommended.

Casino Lethbrige –The Casino lethbridge is another casino we would like you to consider visiting, there is a very friendly atmosphere at this casino site and you are always going to be made very welcome if you do decide to visit it. Our review of this casino venue is going to enlighten you as to just what is on offer inside the casino so please take a look at that review and check it out for more information.

Cowboys Casino – There is something of an obvious theme you will notice as soon as you step foot into Cowboys Casino, and the name of this casino does of course give you an idea of what that theme is all about! This is another hugely popular land based casino which you are more than welcome to visit if you are a Canada based resident or are visiting Canada.

Great Northern Casino – If you prefer visiting very large casinos in Canada and enjoy playing at such venues as you are always going to be guaranteed a huge range of different casino games to pay for stake levels of your own choosing then one casino that should be high upon your list of casinos to visit is the Great Northern Casino.

Palace Casino –Another casino that we think your really are going to enjoy visiting is the Palace Casino, some of the very latest slot machines are always on offer on its huge gaming floor and you will also find those slot machines and slot games come with lots of different staking and playing structures and some large jackpots are waiting to be won too!

Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino – If you do fancy getting away from it all and spending some time at a casino resort, then the Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino is going to be the ideal place for you to relax and unwind, and also play a large and very varied range of casino games. The hotel is first class and in regards to the types of casino game offered on the gaming floor, well we just know you will not be disappointed!