Canadian Gaming Manufacturer Shifts Base To Las Vegas Gaming Hub

deq systems corpDEQ Systems Corp, a leading gaming manufacturer recently shifted its base from Canada to Las Vegas in order to have better access to the gambling hub. Joe Bertolone, president and chief executive officer DEQ said that it was the right move since the market in North America has revived in the last couple of years and it was important to be in Las Vegas to take advantage of the resurgence.

In a statement, Bertolone said

If you’re going to be in the gaming business, you got to be in Las Vegas – the gaming capital of the world. We’re excited about the resources and the human capital we have access to. Our customers are here. A lot of our business is based out of the West Coast and Asia. It’s much more convenient to access those customers and our suppliers and supply chain is here.

The company which was founded in 2002 has relocated its employees in key departments of product compliance, product development and sales and marketing along with its executive staff to Las Vegas. DEQ choose to retain its research and development and product development operations in Quebec.

DEQ deals in table games as well as progressive jackpot technology and has rolled out its products and services to over 300 casinos spread over 30 countries. The company recently partnered with MGM Resorts International, Station Casinos and Boyd Gaming to install new carnival and propriety table games in their casino floors.

DEQ Systems Corp has two divisions for table games. In one division it markets and leases proprietary table games such as EZ Paigow Player’s Choice and 21EZ Baccarat which accounts for 50 percent of its business. In the second division, it markets progressive systems which fit onto tables.

These systems give players the opportunity to make side bets and thereby a chance to win the pool based on the events.

EZ Baccarat is currently the company’s leading product. The gaming system eliminates the usual 5 percent commission associated with play, resulting in a faster and cleaner game. The company is growing rapidly, declaring a 17 percent increase in its revenue during the first quarter of this year which amounted to $2.47 million. DEQ released a series of new products in 2015 which included casino property solutions and has helped the company bring in more revenue. The move to Las Vegas will position the company to have a bigger impact on the gaming market and expand its customer base.

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