Best Land Based Casinos in Montreal

MontrealIt is no secret that the gambling industry in Canada continues to grow.

Whether its slots, table games or card games Montreal is one place where everyone from a rookie to a hardcore gambler can find the right type of casino to suit their style. There’s no doubt that they would be looking for the best.

Despite our best efforts to be as objective and factual as possible, not everyone may agree with our rankings in this article. The reason being that what is “best” for me, may not necessarily be “best” for you.

Your assessment and grading of a casino may be based on a set of factors that you deem fit while someone else may have completely different standards. What is important to you may be trivial to someone else.

To bear testimony to this fact is Google. All you have to do is run a quick search for the best casinos in the world and you are going to be bombarded with a plethora of casinos from all nooks and corners of the world, all claiming to be “the best”. As the saying goes, “if you cannot convince someone, confuse them” and this is pretty much exactly how you will be left feeling after going through page after page of result after result of all the supposedly “best casinos in the world”.

However, in our efforts to remain objective and concise, it is going to be necessary to develop a set of standards for comparison and grading of the various casinos in the city. It is a foregone conclusion that if we set up very strict standards then we will suffer from inadequacy of reliable and relevant data and if we set up too lenient standards we hardly get a comparative picture since every casino would be qualifies for the highest grading. One very important rule that we will follow is that we will not go strictly by the reviews that the casino has earned, knowing full well that a large number of them would have been doctored.

Judgment Factors:

The following factors are what we are going to base this ranking on for the top five casinos of Montreal:

  • Payment – Whether they pay up promptly or do they delay the payments.
  • Ambience – Whether the ambience is one of exclusivity or does it have the look and feel of just another joint.
  • Staff – Does it have courteous staff to attend to our needs and also ‘wants’?
  • Parking and Food – Is adequate facilities for parking and refreshments present in that location?
  • Accessibility – Accessibility of the place by public conveyance.

Of course, we are mindful of the fact that there are several other criteria that we could add, but that would make this article a little too extensive and in turn uninteresting to the reader who just wants a quick low down and a general idea of what he or she can expect.

Our List of the 5 Montreal Casinos To Visit

Casino de Montréal

Casino de MontréalIf there is one slight drawback to this casino, it is probably the accessibility factor. Even though it’s not exactly difficult to get here, it simply isn’t on the way to anything substantial so to speak.

This huge building was constructed for some exhibition in the past and therefore it is very roomy. Visitors do not feel crammed up and they may even feel like the casino is less crowded than it actually is given the copious amounts of space. The various activities of gaming, dining, drinking and enjoying shows are so very well laid out that it imparts a sense of privacy and exclusivity to the visitor.

It is known for some of its delicacies and the rates for food are reasonable – judging by the casino industry standard in Canada. The place has a look and feel which is rather unique for a casino since it was built half a century back for an exhibition and therefore it has plenty of space as already mentioned.

Nothing adverse could be found about this casino being slow in payment making or an unwilling payer. That is, however, the case with all reputed and reliable casinos all across the world. None of them make much noise when they have to make payments.

As per comments examined, the staff of this casino has never been faulted by any one. While some have found them courteous and helpful some have found them to be well trained. Thus, as far as meeting your requirements you may expect all the possible help and assistance in this place.

As far as accessibility is concerned they have their own conveyance fleet to fetch you from the nearest station and also provide ample parking space for your vehicle – in case you drive down yourself. Most people choose the public transport since driving after a casino binge is not quite recommendable.

Overall, it is a no brainer that Casino de Montréal belongs among the top 5 best casinos in Montreal.

Playground Poker Club

Playground Poker ClubThis place claims to be one of the best destinations for playing poker. It was established in 2010 and has been steadily adding to its clientèle and membership. It is recognized by poker players from across the world. One of the main features that Playground Poker Club boasts is its exclusive poker room which is built exclusively for players, by players and it truly one of a kind in all of Northern America.

Like with most other top shelf casinos in Montreal, there are no complaints or instances where the casino has been faulted or accused of refusing to pay or not being prompt in making payment.

We have been through truckloads of reviews and there really is nothing to indicate that you may have even the slightest of problems with regards to payouts at Playground Poker Club. Given that this place is adored by poker enthusiasts from all over the world, you should not be surprised if you happen to bump into some poker celebrities. This place is frequented by players of all calibres. Whether you are a poker veteran or a newbie that wants to try his or her luck, this is the right place for all things poker.

Nothing adverse has been found about their staff but then their staff members are used to handling expert players and hence the novice may enjoy other aspects of this place.

The food is okay and the rates are affordable. The accessibility is not much of a constraint since it is well connected by affordable means of transport.

It may be recalled that this casino is frequented by seasoned and experienced poker players.

Billiard Fats Pub

Billiard Fats PubBilliard Fats Pub, as the name suggests, is a casino where games such as pool, billiards and snooker are rather popular. While it does have all of the traditional gambling games such as slot machines, roulette tables, blackjack tables and the whole nine yards, it is better known for its down to earth rates and the younger crowds that gather here.

Once again, there are no issues when it comes to payouts. The casino is fair and payout promptly and on time. The younger crowd that frequents this casino is usually from different schools around the area.

Even though you can gamble all you want, a lot of the people that do visit this place are sometimes just there to hang out and meet new people. It is almost like a dive bar where younger folk like to kick back and relax.

One of the main reasons why students love this casino is because of the rock bottom prices. However, as a drawback, the service that you are going to get for such meager prices is not the best in the industry by any stretch of the imagination. There are many reviews and grievances from customers about having to wait for too long just for a drink and such.

Ciociaro Sport Bar & Grill

Ciociaro Sports Bar & GrillMarketed as a Sport Bar for the entire family, Ciociaro Sport Bar is well known for its amazing yet affordable grub and homely ambience. If you are more into the games and the gambling rather than the food, then you are not going to be disappointed either. There is a large array of games to choose from to keep you on the edge of your seat at all times.

The food is one the main attractions here. You can rest assured that you family will have a feast while you can go catch up on some gaming action. The coffee here is a must try, it is rich, aromatic and simply world class.

Service is good, but there is still room for improvement, especially when the places gets a little crowded. The casino is easily accessible and you can drive down there with your own car with no problems. However, you may be hard pressed to find parking right away on busy days.

Overall, this makes for an excellent joint for casual gamblers (that too on low stakes) along with family and friends.


DarkzoneLocated in the suburbs this casino has been around for a very long time. The main attraction of this casino is the friendly crowd which consists of mainly local people.

Since people go there for mostly for drinks and games this is not all that preferable for taking your family with you.

The drinks are cheap and will keep you happy, but the food, while being affordable, pales in comparison to that of Ciociaro Sports Bar. A great choice if you want to get a feel for the true local spirit of Montreal and mingle with indigenous people.

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